My name is Keith Linton , I am a retired L.A.P.D Officer and  I am the C.E.O of Boys 2 Gentlemen and in the continuance  of my humble efforts to change the world one community at a time I would like to partner with you to light a torch in our toughest communities around Los Angeles so that the darkness flees. I am a dreamer of a dream that dark yesterdays of man's humanity to man will transform into bright tomorrows of justice. Our young boys hopes have been blasted and many dreams shattered by conditions within the communities around the world. Our boys are on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. I want the boys of Los Angeles to grow up in the sunlight of opportunity.

I believe that the greatest tragedy is that little boys are forced to grow up with the clouds of inferiority forming every day in their mental skies. When a dream is deferred , it leads to bewildered frustration and corroding bitterness. Boys become hostile because they have to watch as their dreams turn into a frustrating nightmare. It is not fair that some communities are flowing with the milk of prosperity and the honey of opportunity, our boys must have the same opportunity. 


We believe in accountability to "At- risk" boys, society, our community, our partners and each other.

We strive to connect each boy to a sense of family.

We will connect each boy to a sense of community.

We will partner with other agencies, organizations, and donors to effectively use resources to plan and provide services that meet the needs of boys and families within the community.

We strive to improve ourselves and the program while changing "At-risk" boys to "At-hope" gentlemen.


Decrease truancy

Improve grades

Increase graduation rates

Decrease the risk of gang involvement

Improve conflict resolution and other life - affirming skills.

Improve and demonstrate goal setting skills.

Improve reading and writing

Purchase: To purchase a B2G or G2W t-shirt in any color or size  , please send request to Boystwogentlemen@gmail.com.

Shipping is free

Cost $25.00 per t Shirt


​Program consists of 3 levels of membership/achievement.

Silver: Courses are presented in the fall August to December and will focus on raising awareness of identified issues. This level will include the "Emerging B2G Member Essentials"

Gold: Presented January - March and will focus on connecting awareness to local resources. Culminating activity will include a meet and greet with a local senior center.

Platinum: Presented April-July and focus on demonstration of skills learned. Core activity for this level includes a Gala where participants will be recognized for their commitment to becoming a true gentlemen.